Eating in the Deep West End of Negril

CFSG (Catcha Falling Star Gardens) is surrounded by great places to eat. Right across the street was LTU Pub and we ate breakfast there most days. You can't get a prettier setting, and the service and food were always very good.  Breakfast was $4-8. Egg sandwiches, eggs, french toast. Jamaican breakfast (ackee and saltfish) on the menu but they never had it. I asked every day. Finally got that at Soupie's down the street.

Looking to the sea

Looking to the road

As we had friends staying at CFS (Catcha Falling Star, on the sea) we walked back and forth between the two a lot. About midway is Soupie's, a roadside box-lunch sort of place with excellent fresh and inexpensive food. Soupie will make it to go or stay as you like. I had my only FRESH ackee and saltfish here and she went out of her way to get it for me when I asked the day before. We had curry goat another time and it was great too. Prices run $3US and up to $10 depending what you get and how much of it.

Rick's Cafe is around too. Not my scene, just too crowded at sunset, but I did grab a menu and was surprised to see "Jerk Chicken and Waffles" on it. I almost went back just to try that because I love chicken and waffles.  But I didn't make it.

Seastar Inn is up the lane by Tyke's bikes, Ahhbees has burgers and stuff just by Tensing Pen, and Mango Tree looked like a neat spot. We just didn't have time to try everything.

We had a nice dinner at Catcha Falling Star. Not the cheapest place to eat for sure (entrees mostly in the high $20's) but food and service always very good.  I had a conch appetizer that was tasty.
Catcha appetizers - plantain wrapped shrimp and jerk kabob
Got some delicious ackee loaf, callaloo loaf and veggie patties at Out of Town Pastry when riding by on my scooter. $170J apiece.  Terrific lunch.

I stopped by Just Natural's new location on Hylton Ave, deep west end at the fork in the road that leads  to Westender.  The setting is lovely as the old location, and the real estate must be cheaper because their prices went way down. We had too many people to eat there at one table but next trip I'm definitely going out there. Theresa and company still running the place with a smile.

I go into detail about Teddy's Hideaway at Blue Cave Castle in this post about my birthday dinner.

And of course, we ate at 3 Dives, many times. It's always excellent. The jam up there has its own post.

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